Ukrainian Orthodox Church



Holy Trinity Parish is a multiethnic community of Orthodox believers striving to live their Orthodox Faith in Lethbridge, Alberta.  Our local charter was officially approved on April 22, 1942 at which time our ecclesiastical community officially became a constituent parish of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada.  The Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada in turn is within the jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople. 

"The Church declares that its faith, dogma and doctrine are those of the One, Holy, Orthodox, Catholic (Universal) and Apostolic Church, as taught by the Holy Scriptures, Sacred Traditions, the Seven Ecumenical Councils, Ten Local Councils and the Holy Fathers." (Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada, Bylaws: Fundamental Principles, 2.01, July 10, 2010)

Further, "The Church recognizes the supreme canonical authority of the Patriarchal Synod in all matters pertaining to faith and canonical order." (By-Laws: Fundamental Principles, 2.02)  As such, "The Church is an Archdiocese/Metropolia under the spiritual umbrella of the Patriachate of Constantinople and, as such, it is an integral part of the One, Holy, Orthodox, Catholic (Universal) and Apostolic Church, the head of which is our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ." (By-Laws: Fundamental Principles 2.03) 

The current building was created and built by the displaced Ukrainians after World War Two, who came to southern Alberta to work in the sugar beet fields.  Our spiritual needs were served for many years through the Southern Alberta Mission Project centred at St. Vladimir’s Ukrainian Orthodox Sobor in Calgary, AB.

We welcome you to our website and to our church!  You can contact us at 403-757-0031, or at dana_lickiss@yahoo.com.